Monday 25 August 2014

51 Mingfa wanton egg noodles Kovan SG review: Good broth

Wanton mee is one of the most popular hawker foods in Singapore and can be found at every food centre. 

A Cantonese dish based upon thin egg noodles, small dumplings, leafy vegetables and a hot broth with the addition of char siu pork in Singapore.

The aim is to get al dente noodles with a nice broth that isn’t too strong to overpower the other flavors.
One of the popular hawkers of this dish is 51 Mingfa at Kovan food centre. We arrived at 1pm on a Sunday and there was a queue of about 10 people and by 1.30pm the stall had already closed suggesting its popularity.
We ordered both the dry and the soup version, with the dry version having a bowl of broth and dumplings separately. Despite ordering the spicy version I think the auntie thought the white guy could not handle it hot, despite that we enjoyed the food.

The dry version we felt was not quite as good as the soup with the noodles and vegetable stalks slightly undercooked but the broth the stall uses is very good, full of meatiness we finished every drop.

Overall a decent wanton mee but we want to try nearby Sin Hoe Hin wanton to compare.

Dry version: 7/10

Soup version: 8:10

Expect to pay: Both versions cost $3 only

Kovan market and food centre #01-64 (at the back near the stairs up to the market)
209 Hougang Street 21 

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  1. It looks so delicious, I am craving to have it right now, I will definitely going to try it out. Thank you for sharing it with us