Wednesday 27 August 2014

Pizzeria Mozza Singapore review: Decent Pizza

Located in Marina Bay Sands, Pizzeria Mozza is a very popular restaurant and even on a weekday night you can expect a little wait (though no need to reserve). Me and Louise are disappointed by pretty much every food spot in MBS and almost everyone charges a premium, presumably to cover the rent. The benefit of this is that if you are a tourist you may as well eat at one of the actual restaurants rather than the hawker centre next to ice rink as the food you get there is literally daylight robbery, I repeat, do not bother eating there.

Opened as a two part restaurant, one casual pizzeria and one fine dining osteria, Mozza offers food in the mid to high end price range. The pizzeria supposedly offers one of the better pizza in Singapore so we felt we may as well try ourselves.

Cooked in a stone fire oven fresh to order (around 25 minutes wait), the pizza is authentic and thin based however with a thick crust. Pizza's range from about $24 for basics up to $38 specials and are of a decent enough size to fill you up whilst nearly all antipasti and meats cost $15 and upwards.

We ordered a bruschetta (Mushrooms and mozzarella $16) on the side as we thought half a pizza each and this would be enough but we recommend a pizza each and pass on the bruschetta. The bruschetta bread itself unfortunately was stale on the edges and base making it difficult to cut while only the centre soaked up juices and had what presumably was the intended texture. The mushrooms lacked a lot of seasoning but the cheese was nicely melting and the balsamic added a hint of acidity but also lacked flavor. Not very good overall.

Despite the bruschetta I came to the restaurant to test the pizza. The selection is wide but we settled on a "white pizza" (no tomato sauce base rather the dough is drizzled with olive oil) of "Fresh goat cheese, leeks, scallions, garlic and bacon" at $30. The reason I chose this, apart from the fact I personally love goats cheese, is that dairy products in Singapore can be very expensive so I was happy to see a very generous amount of the cheese on the pizza, as well as other customer's pizzas, so this may be of interest to locals looking for some cheesy goodness.

The base was tasty but a little too thin in the centre making it soft with oil but was cooked well. The goats cheese could have been a bit more sharp and tangy because the scallions, leeks and garlic were all sweet and the bacon did not have enough saltiness to cut through but overall we did it. 

Personally we feel that the pizza at Gastronomia in the basement of Paragon is better but Pizzeria Mozza did come close and is a good option for tourists staying in MBS and locals alike.

Rating: 8/10
Expect to pay: We would go for a pizza each, so ~$30 per person
Would we go back: No, simply because we prefer Gastronomia
Any freebies: No

The pizza menu

#B1-42/46 Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue

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  1. Pizza at Gastronomia is really delicious i really love to eat this and i have had plan to visit this one as well but unfortunately i missed the chance due to some urgency. I believe people who have been there, have had a lot of fun time.