Sunday 28 September 2014

Nam Nam Singapore review: Vietnamese delights and one tasty little vanilla pudding.

Nam Nam, a shining light in the Singapore market of restaurants overcharging for something with little substance. Expected perhaps considering it is under the Les Amis brand, the 86th best restaurant in the world (review here) that transferred their standards here. The restaurant is very conveniently located in Wheelock Place (under the escalators) on Orchard Road, 5 minutes walk from Orchard station in the comfort of Ion’s air conditioning.

Vietnamese is my favourite SE Asian cuisine alongside Japanese and for the very reasonable price you pay at Nam Nam, I feel the standard is very good. The Pho, a beef broth simmered for likely over 24 hours is packed with meaty flavour  and lifted by the fresh herbs and whilst never as good as a true Vietnamese pho this is more than acceptable, we get the beef slices pho ($8.90).

My personal favourite is the dry beef noodle stew ($9.90) which always comes with a substantial amount of falling apart meat and soft noodles.

Dry beef noodle stew

Two things to note about Nam Nam, service is very quick and after ordering your food will be ready and served and secondly make use of the condiments on the tables. 

Spicy yellow duck curry, not that good.

In Vietnam you add various things to your dish to your own taste including fish sauce, chilli oil, chilli sauce, seasoning and hoisin sauce so do not be stingy and do not be shy to ask for more fresh lime. Typically I add a good table spoon of each to my stewed beef to enhance the flavours of the dish which can be seen as good or bad (the dish is lacking flavour to start?) but I would rather be free to add whatever balance of flavours I like than be served rubbish food with no option to do so and Nam Nam is far from rubbish. 

Have a glass of lime soda on the side ($3) which is tangy and fresh and goes perfectly with the dishes served.
The Banh Mi sandwich’s are a great option for those on the run whilst the side order dishes are good, particularly the salad.
Lime soda
Banh Mi sandwich and crispy pork rolls.
Shrimp and noodle rolls with peanut sauce
One thing you HAVE to try when here which I think most people skip thinking it won’t be very good is the vanilla pudding with palm sugar caramel ($3.90). Whilst expensive this is damn good and packed with real vanilla flavour not artificial as you can see the tons of vanilla seeds in the custard. The palm sugar syrup adds a strong caramel sweetness to the soft grain free custard and is one of the best desserts in Singapore in my opinion. Bear in mind Westerners have much sweeter tooth’s than locals hence I find a vast majority of local desserts bland and why this is everything I look for in a simple dessert.

Vanilla pudding with palm sugar caramel

Rating: 10/10
Expect to pay: $15 per person and you will be very full
Would we go back: Yes, everyday for that dessert
Any freebies: No

252 North Bridge Road, #B1-46/47, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 179103

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