Thursday 18 September 2014

Special Shanghai guotie and Tong Heng egg tart review Singapore

If you do happen to be at Maxwell Food Centre to try the famous chicken rice there is all a favourite of ours nearby, Special Shanghai Tim Sum. We order guotie ($4 for 8) which are fried dumplings served alongside vinegar and chilli sauce and are filled with moist meat contrasting the crispy exterior, very nice and well worth a try.

Guotie, fried dumplings

Another popular place just down the road from the food centre is Tong Heng bakery that specializes in Chinese baked treats. We only tried the egg tarts ($1.40 each) which they are famous for and are supposedly the best in SG. Diamond shape with a smooth soft set custard they look nice. The pastry however was a little bit too crumbly and went everywhere and for me and Louise the taste of egg was too strong. This may be just not too our taste as they are called “egg tart” after all but our previous experience with Portuguese egg tarts in Macau was far better. These have a crisped sugar skin and therefore more sweetness to mask the egg flavour.

Egg tarts (they were bounced around a little bit during transport)

Anyway these were not to our taste and therefore perhaps also to other westerners.

Rating: Special Shanghai= 8/10, Tong Heng: 4/10
Expect to pay: $4 for guotie and $1.40 each egg tart
Would we go back: Special Shanghai yes, Tong Heng no
Any freebies: No

Special Shanghai Tim Sum
Stall 92
Maxwell Food Centre
Chinatown MRT

Tong Heng Confectionary
285 South Bridge Road

Tel: 058833

Beautiful but hot day in Chinatown
Tong Heng confectionary

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  1. Thank you for sharing the review, would love to have shangai guoite and will look for recipe to make it home.